Welcome to Vision Tech Group

Vision Tech has taken the initiative to improve the examination instruments so that caregivers can provide a higher level of patient comfort while examining them. Driven by our passion and zeal to adopt new technologies and designs, we have embarked on an exciting new journey to design new instruments that combine better ergonomics, functionality, and user comfort. Our endeavor has been to adopt the latest technologies and methods to solve the problems faced by caregivers. We have talented staff from all over the world, which works tirelessly to design the next generation of scopes.

Our Expertise

Over 6 years of operating within the field of quality healthcare delivery have made us a reliable partner to many of the world’s leading healthcare brands.

Our Team

With a strong team working every day with the aim to improve, Vision Tech is always creating new relations around the world to enlarge the knowledge and provide quality healthcare.

Our Specialization

We focus on the ENT field, in order to improve the practice of examination, with instruments that we customize, adding technologic features like fiber optic and LED white light.