App-Controlled Wall Mounted Automatic Thermometer


Vision Tech Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer Forehead Non-Contact Digital
LED Display Fever Alarm Rapid Temperature Check, Ideal for Offices, Shops, Schools, Restaurants, Factories

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  • [ QUICK TESTING ] – The Infrared Thermometer accurately measures individual’s body temperature and reads results on the screen in just one second. The reading is taken when an individual places his/her forehead 2-4 inches away from the thermometer. If the temperature is within a normal range, a green light will come on. If the temperature is a fever grade or high temperature, the red light will come on as well as an audible alarm signal.
  • [ ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ] – Respond quickly and large clear LCD screen-with great readability which can reduce queue time. Prompt and fast response time makes it more efficient.
  • [ NON-CONTACT ] – Body temperature is detected within 2-4 inches away from the thermometer. The thermometer allows non-contact testing which helps avoid cross-infections among testers as well as eliminates the need of a healthcare worker. The thermometer can be operated independently without human assistance and the results can be later extracted on the computer.
  • [ MULTI-PURPOSE ] – The thermometer is ideal for any sorts of public or private places: Business areas like offices, restaurants, bars, shops; Transportation areas like railway stations, subway entrances, bus stations, airports; Public places like schools, hospitals, museums, theaters, cinemas. The thermometer will make customers and employees feel and be safer which will help with attracting business during these hard times.
  • [ EASY INSTALLATION ] – The thermometer comes with easy installation instructions. You can mount the thermometer by using nails, hooks, brackets or included double-sided strong adhesive tape. The thermometer is powered by plugging in the included charger into the outlet. Batteries are Included

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